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[01 Feb 2008|01:21am]
Rabbit, rabbit!

It's a new month, a new year (almost; Chinese New Year is on the seventh.) Time for a fresh start, so I'm moving over to http://eric.vox.com/!
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[31 Jan 2008|12:03am]
Lunch with Byran at the Toaster Oven (piezetto sandwich and an oreo shake.) Pizza at home (pepperoni and proscuitto) for dinner.
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[30 Jan 2008|01:26am]
A surprisingly good wonton mein from the Chinese place (Ocean something?) at the International Food Court. Dinner from Seller's Market (cheddar cheese pizza) with the entire office. A coke at the 12 Galaxies (Frank Chu was not there, although I did see him earlier in the day on Market and New Montgomery). Omelete at midnight. The omelete was okay, but it didn't slide off of the pan as nicely as I expect it to. Not enough butter?
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[29 Jan 2008|12:17am]
Breakfast at Katz' Bagels with Auren. Gumbo for lunch. Dinner with Stephanie and Joe. Late night noodles with Michael.
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[28 Jan 2008|03:19am]
Breakfast and lunch with Mom and Dad. Pizza and pesto macaroni for dinner. Tonight's dough was too wet -- about 60% (baker's percentages), which is okay for regular pizza dough, but because the sourdough starter's liquid, too, it was too much. Oh well. Add more flour and it's all good again.
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[26 Jan 2008|12:23am]
Dinner with Mom at home. She made salmon. Mmmm.
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[24 Jan 2008|11:05pm]
Gumbo for lunch. Dinner with Mom at home.
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[24 Jan 2008|01:03am]
Sinigang and chicken adobo from the House of Lumpia. Third time's a charm; I wasn't able to get the sinigang the first two times I went there. Ramen dinner with Michael at Katana-Ya.
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[23 Jan 2008|12:17am]
Chicken Tikka Masala at Mehfil Indian with Dayo. I wanted to get this 'Sri Lankan Coconut Pork Curry' they had, but they ran out. D'oh! Omelette and a pizza (what else?) for dinner. The pizza was proscuitto, capers, and sausage. It was good, but I messed up and the pizza got stuck to the peel. More flour next time! Or maybe I just need to put the pizza together more quickly.
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[22 Jan 2008|12:06am]
Udon tom yum goong (the regular Thai tom yum soup, but with thick udon noodles) from the Banana Leaf for lunch. Curry mac-n-cheese (the same Monterey Jack/mozzarella blend I use for pizza) at home for dinner.
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[21 Jan 2008|12:02am]
Omelette for breakfast, KFC with Michael for lunch, a pizza (pepperoni, canadian bacon, and hot links) for dinner. I wasn't really that hungry, but I made a second pizza (hot links and olives on a sourdough crust) for a midnight snack.

The sourdough definitely doesn't rise as much as the regular yeasted dough, but it tastes so good. I should add more liquid to the sourdough pizza dough. I'm using (in baker's percentages) 50% water, 40% starter, and like 2.5% kosher salt. I'm thinking maybe 55-60% water. For regular yeast (with no starter) I'm at 62.5% water, which is just about right, I think.
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[20 Jan 2008|12:20am]
Lunch/dinner with Mom and Dad in Los Altos. Post-dinner pesto at home.
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[19 Jan 2008|12:28am]
Beef noodle soup from the Jade Cafe for lunch. Hot dogs and pizza (canadian bacon and capers) at home for dinner.
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[18 Jan 2008|12:54am]
Day-old sandwiches from Boudin for lunch. Mike made them and they were really good. I think they're custom. They were sort of like the Italian sandos at Boudin, but with ham! Dinner with Shilpa and Troy at the Chaat Cafe. Late night pizza (onions and bell peppers with a salsa-tomato sauce) to end top off the day.

My eyes are still itchy. Ack!
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[15 Jan 2008|09:37pm]
Filipino pork adobo for lunch from the International Food Court. I was actually aiming to get sinigang (sour soup), but they ran out. Dinner with Edith and Jeff in Redwood City.
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[15 Jan 2008|02:27am]
A small pizza at home for a late lunch -- olives and pepperoni. Curry mac-n-cheese for dinner. I still have a lot of, for the want of a better term for it, curry bechamel sauce.
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[14 Jan 2008|01:14am]
Breakfast with Lisa at the Original Pancake House. Dim sum lunch with Marvin and Lisa at the Cathay House, which I had never been to before. We followed that up with a little empanada (for me) and flan (for Lisa and Marvin) at the Argentinian restaurant in the same mini-mall. Pizza for dinner at and with Marvin. He had made some dough on Friday, but it smelled funny, so we got some from Trader Joe's. We ended up using a garlic/herb dough, which was pretty good, but I think just a plain dough would have been better with the toppings (two mushrooms (button and chanterelle), three cheese (mozzarella, some sort of Spanish cheese, and feta), and this Argentinian cured ham (like prosciutto)).
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[13 Jan 2008|01:01am]
Breakfast and lunch with Lisa, Jared, and Aki at random places off of the I-40. Dinner with Lisa and Aki from Yokohama Kaigenro. Mmm. Curry ramen!
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[11 Jan 2008|12:43am]
Fish chowder rice noodle soup from the Burmese stall at the International Food Court. Dinner with Michael at the Tong Palace.
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[10 Jan 2008|12:35am]
A really good curry beef stew noodle soup from the pho place at the International Food Court. I didn't even know there was an 'International Food Court'! But there is. A simple pizza (pepperoni and a three-cheese blend (mozzarella, monterey jack, and brie)) for dinner.
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